Wednesday, February 21, 2007

up up and away!

Its almost lunch time and im really hungry already im here at home assisting and watching peter and sofie taking pictures of jewelry because this will be needed for a new line which is being requested by sm. I think one day will not be enough! Phew! :) thats how powerful sm is... they say one thing and all of its tenants and consignors follow. Thats how powerful the sm brand is. :) but anyway there's a topic that popped into my mind and i should really write about with the meteoric rise in the philippine stock market! :) im going to cite some reaons why the market will continue trending up! But of course i cannot speculate at what point the market will peak. :) but i do know that it will continue going up believe you me! :) hehehe so here are some of the reasons:

  1. t-bills are at a record low! Only at 2.88% which means that fundies would be forced to get their money out of t-bills and put it in other instruments that would yield a higher return! And now that stocks are really hot right now and it could give fund managers a higher return!!! :) so meaning funds will now shift from interest bearing instruments to equities!

  2. Since last year there has now been strong foreign interest in our market and foreign buying will really be a big boost to the volume in our market. I also see that the american economy and stock market will experience a downturn before 2010 which mean that funds will shift from the us to asia and i know that the philippines will be one of the beneficiaries in the shift of funds in the world market.

  3. We have a stronger peso as of the moment and that would mean that we would have better financial positions for our philippine companies because most of them have US dollar loans which would mean less liabilities for companies. :)

  4. the emergence of asia and of china. A stronger asia would mean more money going in the area and of course the philippines will surely get a slice out of the pie. :)

  5. when election comes maybe the stock market will surely take a blow but as they say you cannot keep a good man down! :) let us put in mind the gma will still be our president after the elections and other world leaders respect and would want gma to be the one to lead our country. :) if erap would be our president maybe i myself would sell all my holdings in the stock market and migrate to some other country! Hehehehe

with a few of the reasons that i have mentioned i hope you wont be scared or fear that the stock market will collapse any time soon. :) we are still in good hands. Remember that patience is the key to success in the stock market! :) just be patient there are still bargains to be found in the market. Good luck and god bless! :)

Monday, February 19, 2007

love after valentines day

after valentines day i did a lot of thinking. . . i really miss the feeling of being in love. i dont know why but this past few months i buried myself in work maybe so as to forget the heartaches that i've had in my life. i have come to the conclusion or accepted that i already may have lost the love of my life. "you can never teach a guy to love you the way you want to be loved... you have to wait for him to do it in his own way, in his own time... that's the saddest part of being a girl... but you can never teach a girl to love the guy back the way she did before if she already grew tired and fed up understanding and waiting to be appreciated and loved the way she deserves to be loved... thats the saddest part of being an insensitive man." how i wish i could Just turn back timE and i know the tuRn back Time and i know that things would be really different. i had this really huge crush on a friend of mine when i was in college and i remember we really talked a lot and stuff and with some stroke of luck we bumped into each other again after how many years. we talked and talked and talked. finally she asked me how my life is and i asked her about hers also and in the end she confided that her marriage was falling apart and she wants out. i made me wonder if i was brave enough before and pursued her would i have been able to make her happier? should i even entertain those kind of thoughts? i believe that the girl that i really loved before has started to hate me already and who would want to be in a relationship where your partner hates you? :( is it time that i realized that i deserved to be loved more? that i should be in a relationship where my partner truly loves me? i realy dont know as of the moment i guess we Just havE to let time take its couRse and leTs see what happens. but what if the girl that i should be with is with someone else? what should should i do? should i try to win her? should i just rather go back and work my ass off??? should i be a knight in shining armor ready to rescue the damsel in distress? i believe it takes a lot to make a relationship work and love alone is not enough. everybody deserves to be happy. is it even possible for a married woman to be in love with another guy? and what is the best gauge to know if that woman truly loves that guy and is not just a rebound guy? i know that right woman is out there waiting for me i Just havE to be bold enough and appRoach her and The rest will just happen. . .

being in love and the stock market

as of the moment i think im in love with the stock market because it is making great waves and if you are a long term investor it does wonders to your portfoio! :) as warren buffett said "i got rich doing nothing" :) one of the greatest buy and hold investors of our time said this because it is in the sitting that you will earn a lot. :) i remember when i started really disecting and understanding the market the market went as low as 1,100 imagine that and as of the moment it even went over 3,350 just lately! what does this mean???? if you invested in the phisix when it was at the 1,1oo level and just held to all those stocks your portfolio would would have been three times bigger by now! wow thats a lot :) and thats a very good return! phew! asia has been making great waves and not just that but a tsunami at that! i can see the faces of those investors who got stocks before and just held to it! :) i remember i wrote about this company a few months ago and how its stock was so undervalued. i just hope to the people who were able to read the article and got the stock they wouldve gotten a 100% return in just a few months! thats good returns man! :) the market might take a beating once in a awhile but with how it performed lately and all the foreign money coming in i believe that this trend will continue and the market will keep on going up. :) the key in this game is patience. the key to success in investing is not making bold moves but making bold moves when the odds are in your favor and the downside is very very very small! :) i always remind myself of what mr buffett said "the stock market is just like playing baseball but the only difference is that you are not called for strikes and you have all the freedom to wait for the pitch that you like and then take a swing at it" :) patience is the name of the game! :) asia is making great moves and technically it would seem to me it can make a good oush to P20 and beyond lets just wait and see. :) then theres my diamond in the rough! KPM a very solid stock which just made a new new high and maybe just maybe foreingers will start buying the stock already :) theres EPHI also another undervalued stock. theres also v which is undervalued and also reached a new high just a few days ago. even in this rising market there are still value stocks waiting for us out there. :) good luck!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

analysis of chief's portfolio :)

im really happy right now :) not because it was valentines day yesterday but because the market has been really upbeat right now and it is helping in giving better returns in my portfolio or in other words i am just riding the big wave ala tsunami! hehehe it will be really interesting next few trading days in our stock exchange :) just remember when youre a short term investor cut your losses okay? so anyway looking back at my portfolio there are the stocks that are in it right now. ill be enumerating them chronologically. universal robina(urc), ayala land(ali), ivantage corporation(v), jollibee foods corporation(jfc), unionbank(ubp), alaska milk corporation(amc) but this is the only stock that i sold in my portfolio for i realized that its potential for growth is not that good and i bought it in a not so cheap price. Metropolitan bank and trust(mbt), sm development corporation(smdc), sm prime holdings(smph), far eastern university(feu), cebu holdings incorporated(chi), megaworld corporation(meg), bank of the philippine islands(bpi), solid group incorporated(sgi), equitable pci bank(epci), anscor(ans), asiatrust incorporated(asia), edsa philippines incorporated(ephi) and the only stock that i have bought this year keppel philippines marine incorporated(kpm). what i do is that i usually buy a stock and add to my position if the price will reach a level where there is very little downside and which in short it is very attractive and it is at this time that buying and holding will give you excellent returns :) i started building my value portfolio when i bought urc shares on june 24, 2004 and since then i have just addded other stocks and i am hoping that most of them will give me excellent returns. as warren buffett said "when holding a great stock time is your friend but when holding a bad stock time is your worst enemy"i hope you guys will take a lot at kpm for it is a very good company. and of course there is my beloved urc sure it took some blows but it it still standing. as they say you can never put a good man down. :) enjoy everybody! god bless

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

my diamond in the rough

My beloved my find in the philippine stock exhange is keppel philippines marine incorporated. :) i have been watching this stock closely for the last 9 months and trying to gather more information about it. All i can say is that this is a really stable company. :) to show how good the company is the philippines' richest man 'henry sy” owns almost 5% in this company. :) that convinced me. But a friend of mine ,jerome, audited the company a few years back and he had nothing but good words for the company. Thats what really convinced me to get shares in this company. Kpm has good and able managers who are mostly singaporeans which is understandable since the parent company keppel is based in singapore. :) then 40% of the work they do are from foreigners and from what i know they still have a lot of orders that are waiting to be started. Most of the year aboitiz and sulpicio ships are in their dry docks for repairs :) very solid company but its shares have been overlooked by the market for this is a very boring industry. May i remind everyone the kpm has the largest shipbuilding facility in the philippines. :) would'nt you want to invest in the leader of its industry. :) with the emergence of asia in the world market orders for more boats and ships will just keep on going in. :) i have started to accumulate shares in the company because i really like it.:) and on the technical side the stock will hit a new high when it touches P1.05 which is really not far where the stock price is right now and just maybe tsupiteros and foreign investors might go in and drive the price to P3! Hehehe but thats too much maybe P2 is more realistic but you never know because the market is irrational. :) i was planning to write about this after valentine's day but there have been some persistent requests from some of my friends that i reveal the mystery stock so finally i gave in to you guys! :) please remember to always to do your own research before buying any stock. :) good luck in all your trades! Remember the stock market is simple. BUY LOW AND SELL HIGH! :) hehehe thank you kirby! :) as warren buffett said “when holding a good stock time is your best friend but when holding a bad stock time is your worst enemy”

Friday, February 02, 2007

chief's stocks wish list

Hello again to everyone i would like to my stock wish list. . . i have talked to another trader friend of mine nico and he was the one who suggested that i make a stock list. He said that he enjoyed reading my blog and the one thing that he wants to see in here is a stock list. Maybe i could call it chief's stock list! :) there is really no problem with me sharing my thoughts to everyone but as nico said and i totally agree with him you subject yourself to criticism but its really okay i can take it all for the love of investing! As of the moment i like urc, asia, ephi, v, feu, sgi(net net value is 1.26), ephi and theres this one stock that i will tell everyone after valentines day for i am still trying to gather more information about the company. :) its really hard to find bargains in the market nowadays for theres this state of euphoria with all the money coming in the market with the lowering of treasury bill rates. God bless and good luck with your trades!!! :)