Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Amazing Boracay

Boracay is truly an amazing destination, it has a beautiful beach, lovely sunsets and the resorts there are world-class and my girlfriend and i had a truly unforgettable experience there for our anniversary. When i was in Boracay i realized a lot of things especially on the business side of the island. One can see in Boracay how progress can be made possible with the cooperation of the government. The island is truly an attraction of the country and even in my travels abroad and when i say im from the Philippines and 7 out of 10 times the response would be “I've been to Boracay!” or “I wanna go to Boracay.” So i always tell them that it is now easy to get to Caticlan airport from Manila and then just take a pumpboat to the island. Last I've heard this summer there were around 40flights more or less in Caticlan everyday during the peak season. :) It really shows the business that tourism can generate if supported by the government which they have thru the expansion of the Caticlan airport, building of the jetty port in Boracay island and smooth roads to Caticlan. :) my girlfriend and I drove from Iloilo to Caticlan and it took us around 4hours with just one bathroom stop. But if you drive faster I think one can make it a three and a half hour trip. :) the move of the government to move the holidays near the weekends also helps boost the local tourism industry for it encourages our countrymen to explore and travel around the country be it Coron, Subic, Tagaytay, Baguio or Boracay. The country's most visited place by foreigners is Boracay and what brings them to the place is basically the sun and the beach. There is this threat now of global warming and that maybe it might affect the island but the national and local government should make all the necessary efforts to develop the island further and maintain its world-class status. Boracay caters to everybody from class A to C. :) Everything that you need is there be it premium accomodations to the budget hotels. Food is also not a problem because almost all the popular food brands are there and you can also have the local food or buy seafood from the talipapa and have it cooked, you can also try the popular chori-burger of the island or call off the local Jonah's shakes. With activities there is so much to do for the old just to relax, or for the young to party and drink in numerous bars at night. Groups or couples can always try the banana boat, reef walking, Zorb, para-sailing and zipline to name a few. As of last count there have been more than 700,000 visitors last 2009 and there are now more than 5,000rooms available in the island. Boracay was always popular but the boom really started when the big name hotels started arriving a couple of years ago like Shangrila and also the emergence of local players like Discovery Shores, Boracay Regency and Waling-Waling. We stayed in Waling-Waling hotel and the experience was quite memorable because of the good service of the staff and preparing for us a great anniversary dinner(well actually it was more of a surprise anniversary dinner for my girlfriend). :) The food was great and location of hotel is good also :) i couldnt help myself but ask the staff but their clientele and they told me that 70% of their occupants are returning guests and that made me think. Why would those people keep coming back? I can only think of one answer: A SATISFIED CUSTOMER. :) and I have to say I am one also and we'll stay there are next trip back. And as for the tourists of the island of Boracay im sure they will always keep coming back because there always be new memories to be made everytime you're there. :) Let us preserve Boracay and help promote Philippine tourism. :) God bless :)