Wednesday, September 12, 2007

week in review

Before i start talking in this article of mine let us remember all the victims who lost their lives in the horrific 9/11 attack six years ago....
okay now lets get down to business, last week was a really bad week for me it was so bad that i decided to go to the barber and had almost all of my hair shaved!!! hehehe problems with business, work and i must admit in the arena of love. But anyway ive recovered and got back on my feet and this week is better for me. :) if its not better then i should make up reasons on why this week will be better for me. :) im just happy because ayala corporation just announced that they are doing a 2.5B stock buyback program!!! this just shows how confident the management is on the value of their company. :) im so happy i was able to get shares of a great company at a fair price. :) patience really does pay off sometimes. :) the week started out with me reading the articles of jack galt and ron nathan aka mr bearbull :) and im glad that somehow we share the same sentiments in some aspects. Mr bearbull and i agree that the us is really due for a recession and he also stated that maybe it might be safer to invest in emerging markets than the us. Ive said many times that i believe that there will be a shift of funds to asia from the us due to the recession. :) i think there will be more panic to follow because of the subprime problem that still lingers the only solution to that is to wait for bargains and just buy with what your comfortable with. :) im also glad that another analyst also likes jollibee which is a stock that i follow and i agree with him the jollibee is one company that will really reflect the boom that we are experiencing. :) just give jollibee some time and im sure the stock price will follow its increase in earnings. :) another topic that is of importance is the fed announcement on sept. 18. most likely the fed will lower interest rates so that they could calm investors and stabilize the economy. :) interest rates usually have a great effect on any economy lower it and assets will usually go up and increase interest rates and you might possibly see a slump in asset prices but the market is irrational and you never know what will happen. :) just expect the unexpected. :) remember....... money is never lost it is only transformed. :) hehehe happy trading to everyone and good luck. Sad to see erap go down but justice must be served. Tsktsk a group of friends and i are planning to put up a restaurant in binan, laguna can anybody here tell me the prospects there???? thanks :) god bless to everybody :)