Monday, November 24, 2008

im back!!!!

Hello again everyone!!! after almost three months without any posts in this humble blog of mine i am now back. :) the past weeks my life has mirrored the market. I mean that is not figuratively speaking, i mean it also went into a free fall. But i have already hit rock bottom and there is no way to go but up. :) maybe some things in our life just have to happen.... not to put us down but to teach us a lesson. With pain there are lessons to be learned. I have learned so much the past few months. I have matured a lot and i have grown up a lot the past few weeks.what i found out is that there will always be lessons to be learned in life. I realized today that i should get back to my writing because deep down in my heart i truly love investing. :) it is a passion of mine and the only thing that is stopping me are my very shallow pockets!!! hahahaha now lets get down to business! Yes i wrote about the us downfall about sometime a year ago and yes i do believe that everybody will be affected because the world now is so interconnected with each other but!!!!!! take note i still believe that asia will also be affected but maybe just half as bad as the americans and hopefully the former will lead the way when everything calms down. :) there are a lot of bargains in the market but in my opinion our market will still continue togo down. :) just my opinion. :) having a democrat president will be a great help in improving the us economy because if it was a republican again he'll just be interested in waging wars against other countires. :) change has finally come to the united states and i believe Mr Obama will be a good president. :) our market will still be a roller until next year in my opinion. :) you will hear more from me guys!!! thank you chief spyfrat for giving me a telling me and giving me a slight nudge that i should write again. :) God bless all of you. God loves us. :) take care

ps. to the girl who broke my heart
i have no hard feelings for you
i dont have any ill feelings towards you
i learned so many lessons with what happened
between us and with pain there are
lessons to be learned.
Some things just have to happen
in your life to shape you.
I now see the wisdom why it had to happen....