Wednesday, August 29, 2007

happy birthday warren buffett

thank you for being an inspiration to us all!!! God bless you always!!! :) long live value investing!!! :)

Monday, August 27, 2007

explosive 1st year

I can still remember it so clearly, its like it was just yesterday i had the guts to start my own blog about finance, investing, business and everything else because i was inspired by some of the blogs that i read on the internet. Its been a year since i started chiefstocks with the mission to popularize value investing and help others do better at the stock market. :) i hope i have achieved this even in just a small way. :) value investing is here to make investing easier and makes sure that when you build your portfolio there is very little margin for error. Ive mentioned this lots of times in this blog investing is about making as little mistakes as possible. :) according to warren buffett the most important thing investing is not even about making money but not losing money. In other words, capital preservation because what is the point of earning money if you also lose it. :) i have learned a lot from the market, from other investors, from spyfrat, from ericgo, from raffy boy and from my idol warren buffett and though i might not be good in writing but i really do try my best to impart to all of you the things that i learn. :) a lot has happened over the past year, it started with the computer in our home, then after awhile i was able to buy a laptop of my own, then i became single, then the market “crashed” with the shanghai bubble, then i went on a vacation, then the market had a strong rally and reached 3,800 and a few weeks lost almost 25% the cause of the drop was the us subprime market concerns, then the fed lowers the interests rates and the us market stabilizes which also calms our market here so from the bottom of the drop the market has recovered almost 10% from its low with all that has happened im still here and fighting. Phew! What a year it has been and im looking forward to another with all of you. I still believe that the bull market is not yet over for the problem is in the us and not here. :) i expect the market to rally back to its previous levels and even go higher from there. Our market just needs some time. :) id just like to make a rundown of some of the things that i have mentioned for the last year. :) always remember that the market is irrational and it also has a short memory. One day it gains 5% and the next day it losses 8% it really doesnt matter for we can take advantage of the market volatility to our advantage. :) buy low and sell high. :) there are two things that will happen in the market: it will go up and it will go down. :) the up and down of the market is caused by market sentiments but always remember that behind all those stocks that are trading in the market are company valuations. :) this is where money is to be made if you are just patient enough to wait long enough for the inconsistencies that do occur every once in awhile. Like a few weeks ago i was forced to sell my shares in unionbank to make way for ayala corp because it was selling at bargain levels. :) i had to do this for i only limit my portfolio to up to 20 stocks. Now a comment on our market, after two weeks of heavy selling or maybe you could even call it panic and it was definitely a panic for why sell when our market is healthy. The market drop was a chance to get stocks of great companies at lower prices. After the fed in the us lowered the interest rates it calmed the us market and that sentiment was also embraced here and caused the market to rise a bit. After this week's trading im lead to believe that technically the market is going to make a rally but it is going to be a weak one. I know that some agree and some dont agree to some of the things that i say but as ive said that it is only my opinion and time is the best judge if im right or wrong. :) i hope that your portfolio is doing well in this very volatile market of ours. :) good luck on all your trades and God bless. :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


This article that im going to publish will either make me look like a fool or a genius. :) time will be the best judge and give me a verdict after all is said and done. :) here is how i look at the market. . . it has broken its technical support at 3,400 and its minimum downside will be at 3,000 but of course it can even go lower than that. The simple explanation for the market downturn would be the us real estate concerns and i believe that this is a sympathy play or to put it plainly the panic in the us has spread here. It is really contagious because if you really look at it fundamentally the philippines is really looking good. :) then if my logic serves me right then there would be no reason for the “crash” that we are experiencing right now. :) so this is what i think. . . be patient and dont track the market for this is only temporary. :) i believe that the bull market is still alive and the market is just taking a breather. :) here is just some simple advice. Dont mind the market for you have no control over it instead just make sure that you buy the stocks that you like at a good price for that is something that is within your control. :) as warren buffett said “it is better to buy a stock of great company at a fair price than to buy a stock of a good company at a great price.” ive seen on the news lately that calpers will allow investments in emerging markets which shows their confidence on the potential of asia as a whole. :) banks are now giving loans of 7.5% for 5years meaning interest rates for deposits will stay at around for 3-4% for the next five years. What does that mean? It means that businessmen would rather put their money elsewhere where it could give them better returns and with low interest rates it will “force” our businessmen to invest in other assets be it real estate, art, stocks or other assets that will give better returns. And for sure the low interest rates will help our bull market move forward. :) the market is weeding out the weak hands in the market and the strong hands are now going in the market for bargains are now to be found. :) we will have a strong rally when this “crash” will be over. :) possibly go over the 3,800 level and go into the 4,000 territory. :) who knows??? :) just do your research and buy some bargains out there. :) i believe the bull market is still alive and the market is just taking a breather. :) just remember what separates a great value investor from any other investor is their stomach. :) do your research and good luck to everyone. :) God bless :)