Sunday, February 24, 2008

nba trades and panics

Panic is contagious and it can happen anywhere. :) being a basketball lover myself, the events that happened the last few weeks just before the nba trading deadline expired made me realize that panic can strike anywhere. :) in the nba's west division this panic started when the los angeles lakers were able to get pau gasol for memphis which all of a sudden made them a championship contender. This trade gave their team a legimate center and a filled a very important piece in a phil jackson team, a big man who could pass the ball. But pau gasol is not just a good passing big man but is also a low post threat and a great defender and when andrew bynum gets back from injury they will surely be a great frontcourt(thank goodness they were able to get kwame brown out of the team). Then with this development the phoenix suns were also forced to make a move which resulted to getting shaquille o'neal in exchange for shawn marion. :) i do agree with this move because you need a big man to survive in the nba playoffs which the suns have sorely needed the last few years. But the problem with this trade was that they had to give up a very importat piece in their team. I mean dont get me wrong the phoenix suns are still a great team and will still be one of the best teams in the nba but they wont be a great without shawn marion their team. I consider him a very important piece that made their team click. He is one of the few players in the nba who could defend all positions from point guard to center. He gives you everything points, rebounds, some shooting and defense and also not to mention he is also a great finisher of the fastbreak. :) but still all is not lost for the suns got shaq who we can say is at the twlight of his career but still his presence will surely help any team. They would now be a slower team than before but now more battle ready for the playoffs assuming that shaq stays healthy. :) then the next team that i believe made good moves also would be the san antonio spurs signing kurt thomas a great low post defender and a very solid player and also damon stoudamire a very reliable point guard to relieve tony parker. :) the spurs have just made their once very solid team into a very very solid team with their core still intact i could say that they are still the team to beat. :) with the top teams beefing up in the west guess who made the worst moves you guessed it right MARK CUBAN. Hehehe the dallas mavericks made a very disastrous move. :) sure getting jason kidd is great but overall i think they took a step backward. :) they gave up devin harris who is a very promising player and they got a player to play a position that i believed was adequate enough in the first place. Jason kidd is great but we must admit he is now on a downtrend. :) at 35 years old that is just too old for a point guard. There's maybe just a year or two left in him while devin harris is an all-star in the making. And if you really come to think of it teams in the west made moves to strengthen their interior then so why make a move to strengthen the teams backcourt when it was okay in the first place??? as they say if its not broken then why fix it. :) they should have gotten an interior player ala kurt thomas coulve done more good to their team than getting jason kidd. This move didnt have any margin of safety there is so little room for error. This would mean that its all or nothing for the dallas mavericks this season. Tsktsk what the mavericks did also happens in our market. I believe that it is called institutinal panic when a competitor does something whether it is right or wrong most of the time the other competitors would usually copy that move. :) what happened the last few weeks in the nba is a clear example of that. :) this institutional panic that happens in our market could sometimes open the door for us value investors to get some bargains. So let us always be ready. :) remember what buffett said “i would rather pay for a great company for a fair price than to pay for a good company at a great price.” good luck and God bless. :)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

happy valentine's day

Happy valentine's day to everyone!!! :) as of this very moment there is a very intense debate in financemanila and the topic being which is better technical investing or value investing. :) well its been a lively discussion the last few days and all i can say is that(just like in this popular ad a few years ago “kung saan ka masaya te supportahan ta ka!”(wherever you are happy i will support you). :) you dont have to follow a successful investor's style but just get bits and pieces of it. I say this because when you practice a particular style you have to be really comfortable with it because there is no perfect style or system. All systems have its advantages and disadvantages also so you should be able to take its downside to be able to appreciate its upside. :) doesnt this sound so familiar??? its as if im talking about a girlfriend or a wife but i believe that it is really true. :) being a value investor can you withstand a 20% or 30% drop in your portfolio??? sometimes you have to stomach it for you to be able to enjoy long term gains. :) so whats new?? nothing much but i have been extra busy the last two weeks... i was in manila with my father for work and we also consulted our financial advisor and thank goodness we agree on most points. :) the philippines is doing well and will continue to do so in the next few years even with the us downturn. :) but we agreed that the selling of government assets is not sustainable so the next president will really have a problem with this. Tsktsktsk we also talked about asset allocation of one portfolio but this is one whole topic altogether. :) we also talked about real estate prospects here in the philippines in the next decade. :) we expect the real estate sector to do well because of the low interest rates businessman will be forced to get their money out of banks because they would rather put it somewhere else that could give them a better return on their capital and real estate and financial markets would be a good choice and maybe you could also include currencies. :) we also talked about a university being a great business because it incorporates a good business and then real estate. :) even the taipans agree with him. :) henry sy being the second biggest stockholder in far eastern university and he is also offering to buy this school which i cannot mention as of the moment and also lucio tan also now owning university if the east. :) last february 1 the headlines of the philippine star was the philippines record growth. :) i believe a big factor of this was played by our present environment of low inerest rates. :) we will survive and do well in the next few years i believe because asia now is more mature and will be able to take all the bumps and bruises. :) but dont take my word for it. Continue to do your research and then buy great companies at great prices. :) good luck :) God bless :)

Saturday, February 09, 2008

words of sir john templeton

to buy when others are despondently selling and to sell when others are avidly buying requires the greatest fortitude and pays the greatest potential reward.