Thursday, December 21, 2006

help please help

Talked to my friend paul yesterday and asked him how he was and whats the development for any kidney donors. So far he said his mom is a possible donor but that is still not sure and they havent checked it out yet if they are compatible. He has dialysis twice a week. I really dont know how much it costs to have a dialysis but i heard its kinda costly and a rough estimate of a kidney transplant is around P500k. I really want to help my friend paul and ill try to raise funds for him.we talked and he even told “if it was just me i really wouldnt mind if i dont get any treatment but my two kids are still very young.” if there are any good souls who want to help my friend paul please contact me for im trying to raise funds for him. Thank you very much

despite the debacle in thailand i still really hope that the psei will close strong for the year. Anywhere between 2,900 and 3,000 would be ok. :)

Thursday, December 14, 2006

help needed

We are now less than two weeks away from christmas and i've been thinking of doing a good deed. :) last week i found out that he has kidney failure and both of his kidneys need to be replaced. He is currently looking for a donor. He told me that it might possibly be his mom but he is still not sure. From what i know about kidney transplants from the stuff i've heard and seen in the movies its still not sure if your body will accept the kidney if you have found a donor. If you happen to know anybody who could help him out with his kidney transplant kindly contact me or mail me. He needs our help and im trying to raise funds for him for his operation and he is undergoing dialysis twice a week. I really don't have any idea how to raise funds for charity but if you are willing to give some financial assistance please let me know. Chirstmas is not about receiving but giving and making others happy. :) good day :)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

to peter and sofie

im so happy my laptop now is fully functional!!!!!!!!!!! :)) thank you so much to peter and her yummy girlfriend sofie :) thank you so much for helping me set up the wireless connection in my room :) love you guys :)

Alaska is good and sgi is.....

i like alaska milk corporation :) from a fundamentalist's or value investor's point if view it is a very good company :) not much debt and its financial status is very healthy and recently an american company bought a lot of shares in the company. I'm really not familiar with the company that got shares in the company. But if you ask me would i buy shares in the company right now? It depends in how you look at it. If it was benjamin graham you were talking too he would probably buy shares in the company around the 2.80-3.20 range :) but if it what warren buffett you were talking too he wouldnt buy shares in the company because its earnings prospects dont look that good tsktsktsk but if your talking value wise it is a good company :) so in value investing there are different branches :) like when i was talking to my friend eric, a fellow value investor also, there are some things that we agree on and a few things that we dont :) an example would be sgi. I like sgi because of its value that has yet to be unlocked. The only thing that's lacking in this company is support from the family or management. A little press release here and there, presenting to the media what the present projects the company are undertaking would really help in unlocking shareholder value. Despite that shortcoming of the company i still like it. :) the company has 15% downside and so much upside. :) thats one important thing to be a value investor. You really have to have a lot of patience. To have faith when everything looks hopeless.... :) to be a good value investor takes a lot of patience and guts. :) i really hope i could promote value investing in the country :) godbless

Thursday, December 07, 2006

strong close

second week in a row that the psei has closed strong. do you know what that means? theres a big possibility of a santa claus rally. :) why does that happen every december? i think i have a few ideas why :) one is that our ofws usually send money back home for the holidays with the influx of more dollars in the country that means as the law of supply and demand will dictate there will be more supply and thus will cause the us dollar to depreciate and our peso will appreciate :) and another reason is that companies are window dressing and they would like that their share prices would end up higher so that it will look good in their balance sheet :) i have to think of other reasons but for us small time investors hehehehe we just have to take advantage of this phenomenon :) good luck we still have three weeks before the year ends :)

new laptop

im so happy today i finally bought a new laptop :) phew! i've always wanted to have a laptop ever since before i still didnt need it thats why i didnt buy but ive realized that i have been using a lot lately so i decided to get one for myself. :) for stocks, research and for work. :) i can see the market continuing its rise but i see that it will delayed a bit because of all this drama in our government right now :) im now happy i got a laptop but i still need to get help from my friends peter and sofie coz im not that well versed when it comes to computers hehehe :)

Sunday, December 03, 2006

long term investing and compounding

short term or long term that is the question :) surely it depends with the personality of the person but ofr me i like to invest in the long term. i dont just buy stocks but i buy companies! everytime you buy shares of stocks in a company it represents part ownership in that company and thats why i buy :) the longer your holding period the less vlolatility comes into play. well now the problem is how to get the right price to buy in order to get a good return :) i will talk about that next time :) most of the people that trade or invest in the stock market are short term players. :) you can seldon see long term investors nowadays. :) but when your investing for the long term one of the tricks is compounding :) i learned of compounding when i was in college and it changed my life :) it is really simple just like putting your money in the bank. the longer the holding period the more compounding comes into play and becomes more powerful :) it is like a giant snowball!!! :) i will show to you some numbers. lets say you have P1,000 and you decide to invest it in a bank at 6% interest per annum. after 5years your money will be worthP1,338.23 10years since your deposit date it will be worth P1,790.85 in 15 years P2,396.56 in 20 years 3,207.14. your money grew over 3times in 20 years.we could now apply this into stocks. lets say you bought urc at the start of the bull run which was around 2004 and its shares were trading P5 and after almost 3years its now trading at 19.50! almost 4times and im not even mentioning that it declared cash dividends 3times and a 15% stock dividend. what is its compounded rate? 57.5% imagine that????? in year 3years time it beat the retunrs of a 20 year time deposit in a bank. and another story ict wow! if you bought it at the end of 2000 it was trading at P1 it was during the time when there was so much political crisis in our country and now its trading at P20! imagine that?!?!?! thats 64.75% compounded return :) i have shown you here some of the benefits of investing for the long term in a great company :) we could also apply this in our daily lives. you wanna buy a car.... lets say a nissan x-trail. theres 2.5 liter and a 2.0liter kind the difference between the two is a 100k. if you buy the 2.5liter type did you just lose 100k? no you lost more than that! ill show you. the 100k more that you spent to get the higher model is worth the money you lost on other economics opportunity cost :) if you put it the stock market and got a 15% return.....
in 5 years you lost P201,135.72
in 10 years you lost P 404,555.77
in 15years you lost P813,706.16
in 20years you lost P1,636653.74
in 25years you lost P3,291,895.26
if you put it in the stock market and got a 20% return you would have lost...
in 5years you lost P248,832
in 10years you lost P619,173.64
in 15 years you lost P1,540,702.16
in 20 years you lost P3,833,759.99
in 25 years you lost P9,539,621.66
as kid my grandparents on both sides who experienced the war were very thrifty but of course they are not misers and they always said to always save for a rainy day. they might not have been aware of it but they were comounding their savings :) but now we have the stock and we should take advantage of good investments that come our way :) by comopunding it doesnt mean the you shouldnt eat or buy new clothes coz youd rather compound your money. you should also enjoy the things that money could buy and not be a slave of it :) i hope i have inspired you to invest some of your money in the philippine stock market :) i love investing and i will do anything to promote, educate other people and help in the advancement of investing in the philippine stock market :) good luck! godbless :)