Wednesday, March 26, 2008

green is the color of money

For so many years the man at the helm of the federal reserve was alan greenspan and the question that im going to ask everybody reading this blog is.... “is alan greenspan a genius or a fool?” genius because for so many years he was able to keep the american economy afloat or is he a fool because of too gimmickery that when after he left his post the economy had nowhere to go but down. :) as they say the higher you are the harder the fall. :) economies by nature are cyclical meaning there will be periods of prosperity and there will be periods of depression which is normal. :) just like life itself. :) but during his long term in office which if i remember correctly is over 20years there was hardly a very serious depression. And if i remember correctly the life cycle of an economy with a great upswing and a great downswing is about 30-50 years according to marc faber in his book but i have to check on that again. :) so the last great depression was in 1929, 1973 and possibly 1987 could be considered as well but the question is when is the next great depression? Could it be happening now? Time will tell. :) the federal reserve has been drastically cutting interest rates and it hasn't had any effect yet. (another point that my friend has been raising about greenspan is that if he raised interest rates a bit during his term the crisis wouldnt be this bad)  I have a little opinion or theory if you'd like to call it. Interest rates have been lowered so where are people putting there money? For sure its not in stocks and most likely it is also not in real estate because of the subprime mortgage mess. So where are the americans, investors and fundies putting their money? Possibly in assets outside the us and most likely in commodities which would explain the rise in prices. And could it be possible??? according to the charts, gold has a mimun upside of $1,250 and with this credit crunch fundamentally the us economy will stay down for a while and the most likely place that people will place their bets in would be commodities so hold on tight guys. :)

maybe you guys are wondering why i made a poll about jamby madrigal and pia cayetano. It was just an idea that came up when they had a cat fight in the senate. :) i voted for pia cayetano i have to admit(she's also cute by the way) but i didn't vote for jamby madrigal. What have they both done while they were in office. Jamby making the news for protecting a tree and pia cayetano for entering all those athletic races and stuff. I have to admit they both haven't done enough and i could say that more deserving people deserve to be there. Let your vote be counted. :) good luck on all you invesments. :) God bless. :)
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and a joke for all of you! What disease is the market suffering right now??? answer: beary-beary. :)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

$1,000 it is!!!

warren edward buffett - the world's richest man
gold jewelry
silver jewelry
gold has finally reached the promised land!!! it has finally breached the 4digit level. :) according to the charts the minimum upside of gold is $1,020 and who knows what will happen after that??? but looking at the long-term charts of gold like way back 70's and 80's the minimum upside that i could see from the charts is $1,250 and i know what's going through your mind that i might be crazy or something but hey im just telling you what i can see from the charts. :) hehehe i remember when i told my dad this the first time it was like almost 2years ago i was driving and he was in the front seat and he violently opposed! hehehe but now he's a believer. ;) because if you now look at it fundamentally it is now very much possible with the recession in the us and also being an election year you can't expect the next president to immediately make an impact in the economy because those things take time. :) so expect the same from the us in the next 2 to 3 years which would mean a stronger peso against the dollar and higher commodity prices. so the question right now is.... do you buy or do you sell??? the answer i believe that whichever way you go you just have to remember that there should always be a margin of safety in whatever course of action that you will take. :)
     i am now inclined to tell you a story about a friend. i decided to tell you their story as a lesson for all of us. let us remember the important principles of value investing margin of safety and preservation of capital.  this friend and all of her siblings did'nt practice these important principles which in the end made them broke. it is really a sad story to tell but it is something we can all learn from.  after the death of their mother the my friend and her siblings got a sizable inheritance and instead of investing the money into something that could give them good returns they threw it down all in the drain. the most important rule in investing is that you should never lose whatever money that it is that you or in short preservation of capital. :) and then margin of safety they also did'nt practice this because of putting up a business or working to earn a decent income to support themselves they instead decided to live the good life and spend their money and spend it until they got broke. when they got the inheritance their relatives advised them not to spend and take good care of their money but all of these fell into deaf ears. if theu listened to the wisdom of their elders this tragedy could've been avoided. the sad part of it all is that the elders that they didnt listen too are now the people they are running to for help. i really dont know how i could help my friend but if i do help her she should at least have the will to help herself.  let us remember that life is not easy and it is those challenges that we have in life that make life more colorful and give us character. lets go and fight the fight. :) good luck to everyone looking for bargains in the market because there are a lot. God bless.
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a friend texted me and asked if metrobank is having a bank run. i told him of course not because if the biggest bank and one of the most stable banks in the country does have a bank run it would surely mean the end of our country and everybody in it.
i would like to end this article on the lighter side. what is the difference between a penis and life??? answer: life is always hard!!! hahahaha
good luck manny pacquiao! go out there and make us proud. :)

Friday, March 07, 2008

"the three most important words in value investing are: margin of safety"

warren edward buffett - has finally reached the number one spot in the forbes richest list.  this is a little tribute to the world's greatest value investor. :) he has basically changed my views on investing and business which my dad should really be thankful for. :) i could say that he has changed my life. :) he might have a lot of detractors and non-believers but i could only say this "you cannot argue with success!" congratulations for making it to the top of the forbes list mr. buffett! long live value investing. :)

Sunday, March 02, 2008

vantage point and questions

Hello there again to all of you. :) i watched the movie vantage point with my girlfriend and friends and it made me think. :) the truth and your actions really do depend from your vantage point. :) this is true in our everyday lives, politics, work, love and almost everything. I'll touch on that more as we go along. :) i have been busy the last few weeks with business, work and a lot of things but i always try to make it a point to find time to write in my blog for it has become a new passion of mine. :) my dad and i have been to makati a few times in the last month to look for other business interests or alternatives if you want to call it. :) this is a result of very low interest rates in the bank. :) i believe most businessmen right now are doing the same thing, looking for an asset to give you a better rate of return than the bank. :) my dad is really not a big fan of the stock market not really because it is a bad investment but because he cant take the volatility or the uncertainty of the market. He would rather put his money somewhere else more stable even though it has a lower return. :) that is his comfort zone. :) he would rather have a tangible investment or something he could see and he couldnt understand the point of owning “paper” as an asset. But that is beside the point because the point is that you should do whatever you are comfortable with and understand and sooner or later you will succeed. :) we were in batangas last week to look around and i would like to ask what do you think of batangas for an investment because they say that it is the next big thing and after manila and makati the trend is now going there??? that is what they say so what can you say about it? The ayalas are there already and so is wton properties by lucio tan. :) how about laguna??? is it good to invest there??? we also went to the santa lucia mall in cainta, rizal and we were impressed and we might put up a restaurant there. :) is real estate really going to boom? Or will real estate falter because most of the projects being built right now are catered to the ofws but the big problem that that market is facing is a stronger peso meaning that their buying power is somewhat affected. But is it also possible that there will be a real estate oom because of low interest rates??? it is really a tough call but i still believe that in the end the latter is the most likely result but lets wait and see because time will tell. :) gold is now trending up strongly and needs less than 3% to hit the 1,000 level. :) and i will not be surprised if it that happends in the next few weeks. :) there are still a lot of bargains in the market and if i only had a lot of cash id surely buy some more. Tsktsktsk ALI is going to issue P1billion worth of securites to finance their plans of buying more properties and the question that im going to ask is that what will be the effect on the stock price and is this a wise move by the company? :) another question that i'll ask is that what has happened to the stock buyback of AC??? i havent checked lately but i do hope that they are still buying. :) so okay what has happened lately??? my “best friend” who betrayed me got an injury in his knee during a basketball game. My girlfriend has a stalker!!! hehehe i dont know how to react should i be pissed or be happy about it? But anyway the good thing is that her stalker hasnt been any problem lately but if that do happens i'll really report him to the police. And a word on the current political situation, please let us work together and just let the president finish her term. Let us look at the bigger picture lets stop fighting and get some work done. Let us work together. Good luck to everyone and God bless. :)
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