Thursday, July 31, 2008


hello again everyone. its been quite some time since ive written something here in my blog. july has been a very busy month with me and to be honest with you im even feeling a bit under the weather writing this article. my friends and i did some fund raising for the flood victims here in iloilo, then i had some relationship problems and a ton of work at the office. as my friend's dad told me at a party at their home "we're getting clobbered" referring to the philippines stock market. :) i too physically am getting clobbered just like the market. but its okay i know i will recover. i just need to rest a little.i was able to get some information on some stocks and i will be writing about it soon. :) please bear with me just for awhile. i see a lot of great stocks selling on bargain prices right now. :) if you have excess cash and willing to invest for the long term now is a great time to do so in my opinion. there is not much to say right now then you dont have to buy you could just wait for the market to stabilize and then dive in. :) i will definitely have a better article for you next week. :)  for any comments, suggestions and questions please email me at

ps my former best friend is such as asshole. hehehe good luck to you all

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

we all need lubricants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oil's is in its last parabolic leg. time analysis suggest it should end july til sep (max early oct) as base 3 (or the period covered by X) is only 10 months. in the sample chart of broadvision, the perfect parabolic curve of its X is also 10months and its last leg was due on the 8th time bar. on it's 9th time bar, broadvision broked the key reversal red trendline. im just fascinated by the resemblance of oil's parabolic with broadvision. unfortunately, prices cant be determine but if we use mathematical proportion we can guess. 

broadvision x = 90, high = 138 (did not doubled in percentage but the leg is shortest in percentage increase); gain = 53%

last leg parabolic started 138 to 192 within 8 time bars.
% change = 192/138 = 39%

ratio of % gain: last leg parabolic of boradvision is 73.5% of it's X percentage gain. to show = 39/53 = 0.735
oil's x = 50, high = 98 ; gain 96%
oil's last leg started at 88 (base of red trendline)

solving for "guessed" max/high price of oil's last leg:

formula: projected max/high price of last leg = (start of oil's last leg parabolic) times (1+(percentage gain of oil's X) times (ratio of % gain of X and parabolic of broadvision))

ratio of % gain of broadvision's X and last leg = 73.5% or 0.735
start of oil's last leg parabolic = 88
% gain of oil's x = 96% or 0.96

projected max/high price of last leg = 88 x (1+(0.96 x 0.735))= $150/bbl

caveat. there's no relation between broadvision and oil except similarity of their charts. there are other parabolic chart sample other than broadvision which could lead to different ratios and proportion. so happen both charts have similar wave counts (base 2 to base 3) and time correction pattern (base 4) as well as valid trendlines (4 of them with the red trendline as the key).

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this is spyfrat's post. :) spyfrat is a fllod victim and yet he still had the time to write something for us here!!! a true testament for his love of investing and trading. :) i decided to add little flavor to the blog by having a guest writer from a different school of thought. :) but of course i still believe the your investing style really depends on what your goals are and your tolerance for risk and patience. after all short term investors and long term investors are after the same thing PROFIT! we just have a different process of doing it. as they say in school in math class "the process doesnt matter as long as you get the right answer."

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i will also try to have a fundamental analysis of oil next time if i have the time. :)