Sunday, November 25, 2007

bargains and hurting

Its a lazy sunday afternoon after playing a ballgame where our opponent won the game against us by 20points tsktsktsk and here i am relaxing my aching muscles and beaten up ego because i had a bad game and we will have our knock game against the same team this coming tuesday but the catch here is that we also have a semifinal game in another basketball club this coming tuesday also at the same time. Phew..... how am i to go about this??? im reading this book right now “the winning investment habits of warren buffett and george soros” by mark tier and its really good. :) i am enjoying reading it. :) im a bit disappointed with the performance of the stock market lately and it would seem to me that mr. Market is upset about something lately. Which i believe is the subprime crisis in the us. But its okay i still believe that the market is undervalued by my count and ive been trying to accumulate some shares of a few companies. I will tell you more about it next time and this is a good time to accumulate shares of companies because mr. Market is being generous right now better take advantage of it. :) there are good finds in the market and do your research well and you will surely find them. :) ive been very busy lately... phew! Been busy with work and especially that a group of friends and i decided to franchise a fastfood restaurant somewhere in luzon and another group of friends and i just opened a printing business. :) phew! Ive been very busy lately indeed. :) and also i have discovered lately that besides work and the stock market or investing as my passion you can also add to it photography and its one hobby that i want to develop and learn more. :) and i have been bothered about something that happened to me a few weeks ago and i hope you guys wont mind me talking about it here. The first weekend of the month i was out with my friends and the group included my best friend and a close relative. And the story goes like this we had fun drinks, laughs and all but i went ahead because i really dont like to stay out that late when i go out and according to sources they disappeared at around 4 in the morning when a friend had too much to drink and was throwing up and all of a sudden my guy best friend(who has a wife with two kids and a mistress and a number of girls that i couldnt even keep count and by the way he was also making out with some girl he just met before he was with my cousin) and that relative of mine was nowhere to be found and when friends were calling her she wasnt answering the phone which made me very worried and at the same time suspicious. The only viable place where they could go was a hotel nearby and the sad part was that they forgot that some of the personnel there used to work for our hotel also before and some of those personnel were able to identify my cousin and i couldve let go of the situation but what really pissed my off was that they both denied it and continued to lie to me(which is a clear sign of guilt and it also shows that what they did was wrong) and with that i decided to call some of my contacts and get professional help and they were able to get hold of some very important information like the credit card receipt and the hotel registration card which sad to say the guy has just no respect for me even used my name(his best friend) in the form and also i got a copy of the video where it shows my relative returning the key to the said room in the registration form which to me if you bring it to court is really hard evidence and you could even say that you could convict them “guilty beyond reasonable doubt.” and the very upsetting thing was that he doesnt know i was able to get a transcript of his calls and text messages and he is even “coaching” my relative to lie but the sad part is that i know the whole story and all the lies that he will throw to me wont just do any good and makes me hate him even more. That really hurts me because i have been a good friend for such a long time and i know i might not be perfect and we may have had our arguments from time to time but i always helped him out during his time of need be it with his wife, mistress and even up to the point of covering up for him(sad to say the wife is my “kumare”) but he is still my best friend and made that choice to help him out and he knows that im really close to my relative and even treat her like a sister. When it comes to playing around my relative was suppose to be out of the question already(which i believe he knows and could be proven with him lying to me a sure sign that he knows that he did something wrong). I dont know if i really have reason to be upset or is this something that i should just let go. But i was really hurt with what they did but i believe that the blame falls more on my best friend. Ive made ways for him to know that im upset and that i know what happened and im not just fishing around for information. If you really come to think about it i have the hard evidence to show his wife(who i believe is also unhappy) which surely would end their marriage and to his mistress who i know suspects that he has other women also other than her and his wife. I can also show it to his family that sad to say he was able to manipulate for how many years already. I have been a good friend but why the betrayal?? what have i done wrong to him that he did that to me? For the meantime i will just wait and see and do nothing just like in investing. Wishing you guys a good trading week and i hope to hear from you. Im really trying my best to forgive them and maybe i have already i just dont know. Time will tell i guess. Im just praying to the dear lord that i will forgive them but i was really hurt with the betrayal. Phew! What a month so far? God bless everyone. :) carpe diem!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

common stock prices and values

This is taken from Benjamin Graham's book the interpretation of financial statements chapter 33
Broadly speaking, the price of common stocks is governed by the prospective earnings. These prospective earnings are, of course, a matter of estimate or foresight; and the action of the stock market on this point is usually controlled by the indicated trend. The trend is gauged in turn from the past record and current data, although at times the expectation of some quite new development will pay a determining part.
The price of common stocks will depend, therefore, not so much on past or current earnings in themselves upon what the security buying public thinks the future earnings will be. (there are also important influences of a general or technical nature affecting stock prices-such as credit, political, and psychological conditions-which may not be closely related to any estimate of future earnings; but such influences will either eventually reflect themselves in the earnings or else prove to be quite temporary.)
In the ordinary case the price of a common stock is the resultant of many estimates of what the earnings are going to be in the next six months, in the next year, or even further in the future. Some of these estimates may be entirely incorrect and some may be exceedingly accurate; but the buying and selling by the many people who make these various estimates is what mainly determines the present price of a stock.
The accepted idea that a common stock should sell at a certain ratio to its current earnings must be considered more the result of practical necessity than of logic. The market takes the trend or future prospects into account by varying this ratio for different types of companies. Common stocks of enterprises with only slight possibilities of increasing profits ordinarily sell at a rather low price-earning ratio(less than 15 times their current earnings); and the common stocks of companies with good prospects of increasing the earnings usually sell at high price-earnings ratio (over 15 times the current earnings). Thus, two common stocks may show the same current earnings per share, may be paying the same dividend rate, and be in equally good financial condition. Yet stock ABC may be selling at twice the price of stock XYZ simply because security buyers believe that stock ABC is going to earn a good deal more than XYZ next year and the years after.
When neither boom nor deep depression is affecting the market, the judgment of the public on individual issues, as indicated by market prices, is usually quite good. If the market price of some issue appears out of line with the facts and figures available, it will often be found later that the price is discounting future developments not then apparent on the surface. There is, however, a frequent tendency on the part market to exaggerate the significance of changes in earnings both in a favorable and unfavorable direction. This is manifest in the market as a whole in periods of both boom and depression, and it is also evidenced in the case of individual companies at other times.
At bottom the ability to buy securities-particularly common stocks-successfully is the ability to look ahead accurately. Looking backward, however carefully, will not suffice, and may do more harm than good. Common stock selection is a difficult art-naturally, since it offers large rewards for success. It requires a skillful mental balance between the facts of the past and the possibilities of the future.

Monday, November 12, 2007


the market will only do three things, that is:go up, go down or move sideways. during a bull market it will go up for the lamest reason, during a bear market it will go down for the lamest reason and when it cant make up its mind it will move sideways. :)
                                                                                                     - compounder

Thursday, November 01, 2007

scattered thoughts

Over lunch my mom was complaining that the pawnshop business that it wasnt as good as before and then we tried to analyze why that is so. Some of the few things that we concluded was that number one there were too many pawnshops in the country now before it was just in the cities and people from towns would still go to the city to pawn but now almost all towns have a pawnshop. There was a time during enrollment where people were lining up and crowding pawnshops to pawn jewelry to send their children to school or students who still didnt get their money from their parents during enrollment. :) but now business has really gone down and i believe that everybody in the pawnshop business is experiencing this. Another factor is the faster transfer of money like atms and remittance service within the philippines and from people abroad who are sending money here. This the reason why we should thank the millions of ofws who are working hard to make life better for their loved ones here in the country. They have made life better for a lot of filipinos. Ofws are truly our modern day heroes. :) with the peso strengthening some of the buying power of dollar earning filipinos might be lost but it is better for the country as a whole. Let us strive to help and improve our country. Another thought that went through my head the last few days was when my dad mentioned that when my grandfather built their house in 1962 it cost around P120,000 and then with my very curious head i started making calculations a conservative estimate of building the same house today would cost around P20,000,000 and that would mean a compounded return of 12.05% for 45years. Not so bad for real estate. :) :) :) here are also some of the things that happened during the last week.... gold has reached more than $790 and i expect the strong upsurge to continue over the next few years and i see gold hitting $880 by april 09 and with the way its going it going happen much earlier. :) with the rise in the gold price you can expect that oil will also go up now hitting $93 per barrel. And our oil companies here have announced that they are going to have a price hike. How can this be possible??? and why is that so because oil companies pay in dollars and our peso has strengthened so this means that more or less our oil companies here will still be paying more or less the same amount and why are they saying that they will have a price hike??? can they please explain why they have to do that??? was in robinson mall this weekend and i noticed the people around and there was one thing glaring thing that i noticed. I estimated only around 1 of 20 people carried shopping bags. I believe that that is not a good number. Why do sm malls go better??? what is the secret to their success?? is it their department store?? location?? what??? can anybody here help me and give me the answer??? :) good luck and god bless. Let us pray for all our loved ones who are in a better place. :) happy haloween to all!!! :)