Wednesday, March 23, 2011

lets help japan

last march 11, 2011 will go down in history as one of the most powerful earthquakes that have hit the world. i have been glued to the news watching the development of this catastrophe that has hit japan. it started with an earthquake, then a tsunami, and then a nuclear blast, deaths of thousands and so much more missing. it pains to look at families look for their loved ones and after they have found them they cant even give them a proper burial. now i hear a lot of the sick cant get proper medical attention. and now i also hear that the food crops and water now have radiation but low levels only but still is a cause for concern. also what if the radioactive material get into the ocean and it might also contaminate the marine life and the japanese is one nation that loves seafood. but with this tragedy i have realized that there is so much to be praised about japan... a lot of buildings survived the earthquake and that is because of the strict building regulations in the country. people are calm despite what happened. people now have to give way and sacrifice... the perfect example would be the workers in the fukushima nuclear power plant... my hats off to the japanese. i look at them and i can say for sure they will rise again from this tragedy... heroes will emerge from all these and they are the japanese people. but in the meantime they need help and on march 27, 2011 i will join the 15k run of the Globe run for home in the bonifacio global city. i hope there will be generous souls who will donate for every kilometer that i run. i will also personally give a donation and after gathering all the donations i will give it to run for japan. please check the website and if you want to donate please email me at thank you so much. God bless :)

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